Unsure about which school to choose? We can help guide you to make the right choice for your family.

As parents ourselves and having children at school in Vietnam for the last 5 years, we understand that during the relocation process, your child’s education options are a big concern. It is important to find a reliable school that reflects the values of your family and child.

These concerns are sometimes amplified due to the lack of knowledge about what schools are best suited for your child.

At Saigon Expat Services, we know all of the international, bilingual and local schools and have very good connections with the schools and their staff. We understand your concerns as a parent and we can provide advice and guidance about schools in the areas where you are keen to move to.

One important factor to consider is the distance from your home to school, as the traffic in Vietnam is not the best and if you live far from school, it will mean your child has a long commute on the school bus or in a taxi.

Whether you are looking for a curriculum from your home country or are considering the bilingual options available, we are able to help you find the right school for your child. The International Baccalaureate is a great option for expat children and ‘Third Culture’ children who do not know where they will move to after Vietnam.

The IB is a globally recognized program that is very suited for expat children. Many schools in Ho Chi Minh City offer this option.

Our Service

Introduction to local schools

The first step is to establish exactly what type of school you are looking for. We take into consideration your budget, location and the specific needs of your child.

Do you want them to continue the same curriculum from their last school or are you interested in trying something new?

Whatever your requirements, we can help – we have many connections with the international schools in HCMC.

School Visits

Once we understand clearly what exactly you are looking for, we will determine the most suitable schools that match your criteria. We will then send you prospectus and additional information for you to review.

We will then arrange for you to visit these schools and will setup appointments and help you prepare for these visits. We can even accompany you on these visits to make sure you ask the right questions and get the best service.

Registration Assistance

Often when you decide to register with a school, they require a lot of formal paperwork and official translations and notarization of documents etc.

Some schools are also difficult to get into due to demand and we are able to support you to find alternative solutions if necessary.

Please complete the form below to help us provide you with a detailed quote and further information about of School Finding Service.

Our goal is to make the process of finding a suitable school for your child as painless as possible, allowing you and your family to settle into your new life in Vietnam as effortlessly as possible.

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