Are you thinking about living in Vietnam? Saigon Expat Services is the leading independent source of expat information in Ho Chi Minh City providing useful, up-to-date information and guidance on all aspects of living and working in Vietnam. We provide services catered to the expatriate community in Saigon, or for those who are planning to relocate and work in Vietnam.

Saigon Expat Services was founded by two UK expats, Daniel Thomas and Ed Bews, who have been here for 22 years between them. The purpose of setting up SES is to assist expats who are looking for information about moving to and living in Ho Chi Minh City. We have brought together a team of reliable Expats who can provide advice and services in different industries to help the expat community.

Saigon Expat Services hope to bring together the expat community via online content, services and offline events. We are committed to providing the expat community with the best guidance on relocation and the most comprehensive information on living and working in Ho Chi Minh City.

We also help people to meet through events so that members of the community can fully enjoy and share the Vietnam experience. This approach helps expats to overcome the challenges associated with living in another cultural environment, and helps local communities to build economic bridges.

We also recognise that everybody‚Äôs circumstances are unique and have specific requirements and needs, Saigon Expat Services works with the concept of an individual, customised service. Emphasis is placed on a very specialised one-to-one solution, we take the initiative to understand everyone’s preference and specifications.

We are very committed to benefiting the Vietnamese community and we work closely with Saigon SOS to support charity causes and social enterprises. As expats, we are privileged to be able to live here and as such we should support local causes in any way we can.